AirSurface Technology and Associates is a company that started in 2016. Our community mission is to help eliminate and prevent the spread of viruses in confined spaces. Our goal is to ensure we have more healthy people in our communities when they attend, visit or use any facilities where they are susceptible to harmful pathogens for example: bacteria, microbes, spores, viruses, infectious disease and outbreaks.

ASTA’s standard order of procedure(s) will be to start documentation, safe guard the area, close-off and cover all ventilation (HVAC) systems, seal-tight all windows and doors with bio-resistant tape to prevent harmful pathogen(s) from spreading. Immediately, ASTA uses a certified infection disease clinical laboratory swab to retrieve a sample of the type of harmful pathogen(s), and deliver it to the laboratory for tests purposes. Our service technician(s) conducts a complete walkthrough of the area(s) to validate that the treatment site is prepared fully for sterilization.

ASTA’s service technician places the YantraJet-Fogger in the center of the treatment area to Prevent and Eliminate 99.999% harmful bacteria, microbes, spores, and viruses. AirSurface Technology and Associates deploy Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) sterilant within the confine space for Elite Standard results that is eco-friendly.

The YantraJet-Fogger disperses a light vapor disinfectant, application into confined spaces such as: Ambulance Vehicles, Restaurant Kitchens, Agriculture, Fitness Facilities, Locker Rooms, Showers, Saunas, Indoor Pool Areas, Sport Arenas and Stadiums, Hotels and Resorts, Public Transportation Systems, Airlines, Vacation Cruise Ships, United States Ports and Customs, Federal Government Agencies, State and Local Municipals, Corporate Businesses, Small Businesses, our Private Homes, and any confined space where germs, spores, viruses, and bacteria are present.

The robust YantraJet-Fogger is a compact engineering technology machine that is clinically approved and as well an Eco-Friendly rugged machine.

Most importantly, the YantraJet-Fogger disperses a sterilant agent of Hydrogen Peroxide Fogger (HPF) which scrubs the air, ceiling, floor, crevices, and all surfaces by way of Decontamination Service that ELIMINATES 99.999% pathogens and bio-agents.

According to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine (JAMAIM), Clostridium Difficile (C.diff) infection, alone, cost the healthcare industry $1.5 billion each year or approximately $11,285 per case. In addition, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), indicated that the Hospital Acquired Infections (H.A.I.) cost the healthcare industry $9.8 billion per year.


ASTA provides the Southeastern Michigan region with Prevention and Elimination services of harmful pathogens. ASTA Decontaminate 99.999% life threaten pathogens with Hydrogen Peroxide base sterilant (eco-friendly) that eliminate microbes, viruses, spores, germs, and bacteria which lurks within confine spaces.

AirSurface Technology and Associates (ASTA) has made a commitment to servicing our Southeastern Michigan region with urgency and professionalism. With ASTA, we make sure that our technician team is skill trained, dedicated to our customers, our mission, and our brand. ASTA have become one of the first independent decontamination company to service the following businesses: Restaurants and Cafeterias, Fitness Centers, Correction Facilities, Transportation Systems, and many other businesses.

AirSurface Technology and Associates is owned and operated by Lynn D. Cummings, Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Sabrina D. Evans-Cummings, Executive Vice President.

ASTA is known for its customer’s privacy, professionalism, integrity, reliability, strong commitment to total customer satisfaction, monthly monitoring, consistency, and using an eco-friendly sterilant.

ASTA provides equal distribution of the Hydrogen Peroxide Fogger (HPF). We will never miss a spot in the space we sterilize, nor would we have to reposition the robust YantraJet-Fogger system.

The Elite YantraJet-Fogger sterilization machine has 20 associates and peers who witnessed the impressive YantraJet Fogger.

ASTA uses Hydrogen Peroxide base Sterilant, which has proven results to eliminate 99.999% harmful bacteria, microbes, viruses, spores, diseases, and germs.

ASTA will use an Elite Standard level of hydrogen peroxide sterilant that Prevent and Eliminate the spread of viruses, diseases, germs, bacteria, spores, and mold using the 99.999% kill rate of pathogens in enclosed spaces.

AirSurface Technology and Associates provides 100% satisfaction of our services to decontaminate and eliminate harmful and life threaten pathogens such as microbes, viruses, spores, germs, and bacteria.

At completion of sterilizing a space, ASTA will place a “Successful Decontaminate Tag” treated with FDA and EPA registered approved Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant, elite standard, as our approval rating.

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