Fitness Centers are crawling with germs. The reality is that it is nearly im-possible for gym-patrons not to come in contact with diseases seeing that they use the same equipment and mats that fellow members have excreted bodily fluids (i.e. sweat/ saliva, etc.) on throughout the day. Studies have found that 63 percent of the surfaces that gym-patrons come in contact with are covered in rhinoviruses (i.e. common cold), skin rashes, and even more serious superbugs such as MRSA, which means chances of catching these infectious diseases are probable.

Patrons are encouraged to create barriers between their person and the equipment by using such resources as towels; avoid making contact with their faces; and exercise frequent hand-washing transport unit decontamination. Shared equipment that comes into direct skin contact should be cleaned af-ter each use and allowed to dry. Repair or depose of equipment and furniture with damage surfaces that do not allow surfaces to be adequately cleaned.”

  • Athletic facilities such as locker rooms should always be kept clean whether or not infections have occurred among the athletes.
  • Review cleaning procedures and schedules with the janitori-al/environmental service staff
  • Cleaning procedures should focus on commonly touched surfaces and sur-faces that come into direct contact with people’s bare skin each day.
  • Cleaning with detergent-based cleaners that are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) registered deter-gents/disinfectants will remove MRSA from surfaces.
  • Cleaners and disinfectants, including household chlorine bleach, can be ir-ritating and exposure to these chemicals has been associated with health problems such as asthma and skin and eye irritation.
  • Take appropriate precautions described on the product’s label instructions to reduce exposure. Wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves and eye protection may be indicated.
  • Follow the instruction labels on all cleaners and disinfectants, including household chlorine bleach, to make sure they are used safely and correctly.
  • Environmental cleaners and disinfectants should not be put onto skin or wounds and should never be used to treat infections.
  • The EPA provides a list of registered products.
  • Repair or dispose of equipment and furniture with damaged surfaces that do not allow surfaces to be adequately cleaned.
  • Repair or dispose of equipment and furniture with damaged surfaces that do not allow surfaces to be adequately cleaned.

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